Kobido Facial Massage

Rejuvenate Your Skin with Our Specialized Kobido Facial

Kobido in Japanese means ‘The ancient way of beauty’, and therefore, the Kobido facial massage is quite an interesting and unique way of refreshing and rejuvenating your skin. This facial massage works quite differently as compared to other facial massages for skin rejuvenation.

The Kobido facial is a combination of medicine and muscle manipulation techniques. It is a profound combination of traditional Japanese medical concepts and distinct hand manipulation techniques and strokes. By focusing on massaging the facial tissues, this Japanese facial massage helps you achieve the right balance in the facial skin and the related body.

Apart from just rejuvenating your skin and stimulating facial tissues and muscles, Kobido facial is also sued as an alternative for face-lifting. Face-lifting is a cosmetic treatment to tighten sagging skin and loose muscles in the facial area, while Kobido helps you achieve the same goal in a non-surgical, relaxing and painless manner.

How Kobido can naturally help tighten loose skin?

The Japanese facial massage is a natural and no surgical face-lift due to the techniques and strokes used during the massage.

  • Regain the tone, lightness, and moisture of the skin
  • Enhance the beauty and improve the overall appearance of the face, giving it a healthy look and a fresh and youthful feeling
  • Gradually reduce (and prevent) wrinkles, sagging and skin blemishes
  • Rejuvenate and repair the facial tissue (even scars)
  • Stimulate cell metabolism, causing the skin to renew faster
  • Improve blood circulation and lymph flow, bringing more nutrients to the skin
  • Release blocked tension in the facial and neck muscles
  • Remove toxins, impurities and dead skin cells, preventing aging of tissues

Benefits of this Japanese facial massage:

    • The movements, strokes and hand techniques used during a Kobido facial massage activates all facial nerves and stimulates energy flow to the face. This stimulation leads to a natural facelift by tightening skin muscles and tissues.
    • Taking regular sessions of this facial massage can help soften and invigorate muscles, cleanses the skin, and restores its radiance, thus giving you a moreyouthful appearance.
    • The massage is done at different speed levels as it helps to remove dead cells and stimulate the formation of elastin and collagen in the skin.

Ideally, a Kobido Facial is considered to be one of the most effective anti-aging techniques that can help you get rid of aging skin conditions and problems in a natural and rejuvenating way.